Kymera Systems InfluxDB History Module

Today, we are announcing the availability of our InfluxDB History module. his module is currently in beta, with us needing to wrap up a few more odds and ends. It is, however, ready for use.

This module provides the ability for Ignition to send and query time series data from an InfluxDB server. It provides a high write capacity, while compressing data to disk. We have seen a single InfluxDB server service about 150,000 - 200,00 tag changes per second, on default settings. On the same spec of server, MySQL was only able to service about 15,000 tag changes per second.

Enclosed is a example video created by @Eden.Mar , demonstrating some of its capabilities.

Here is a link to the module. Just to confirm, this is beta, not ready for production.

Please reach out to me for information and assistance.


Sweet! (Someone’s missing .properties file for their settings record…)

Yep, that is one of the things we have to tidy up before it is considered production ready.

Updated link with the properties issue fixed and a few issues fixed. Requires a change to the settings table, so drop that as well.

Well done, influx DB is perfect for TSDB. Do you plan to provide some History splitter like feature ? A way to send data to multiple influx DB would be great ! And a S&F for the DB connection !

Hi Mazeyrat,
The history splitter built into Ignition does this already. You can split between multiple history sinks, and mix and match already.

Also, we created a new disk based stored for the S&F system that our module uses, so it should be quite a bit more performant than the platform disk store.


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This is perfect. Keep going!

Updated links to our website, which will be the most up to date versions of the module.

Are you guys finished with this module yet @Kyle_Chase ? Is it still in beta?

Hi Kyle,
How is that Influx DB module going ?
Is that tag history module required if we use the influxDB module for history?

Hello All,
The module is out of beta, and at a version 1.0 now. It is available from our website, on the link in the first post of this thread. If you have any questions, please reach out to me via direct message. Thank you.