Kymera Twilio Module vs Ignition Modules

A while back I used the Kymera Twilio Module to the Alarm Notification of Ignition to a Twilio SIP for Voice and SMS. Now I notice that Voice, SMS, and Twilio Modules are all available. I don’t have time to play around with these modules in a lab anytime soon, so I figured I would ask here…

Does anyone know if the Ignition-offered modules for Voice, SMS, and Twilio provide the same functionality as the Kymera Twilio Module does? Especially bi-directional calling?

Figured I would respond with what I heard back from IA.

Apparently I never noticed the IA Voice, SMS or Twilio Module before. They’ve had them for a while. The Twilio module from IA is only for SMS through Twilio though.

So, if you want to connect your Ignition deployment to Twilio for two-way SMS and Voice alarm notification. You’ll need the Alarm Notification Module (List $1800) and the Kymera Twilio Module. You won’t need the IA Voice or IA SMS module.

Word of advice:
I would recommend that your internet gateway for Ignition to have two separate internet-based paths. For example, our typical Ignition server will have a Cable Internet connection and also a Cellular Failover. That way if there is a local cable outage, and an alarm occurs, the Gateway still have access to the internet for a connection to Twilio. Of course…everything should always be behind a firewall.


Do you find this working well, through the Kymera module? I have SMS integrated through the IA Twilio module, and it appears to work fine, but we want to utilize Voice calls for messaging in critical instances as well. Been having issues trying to find something to work easily through the IA module, but ran across this Kymera module earlier today. How was the setup and reliability?

Yes, it works great! We’ve deployed it several large systems. Twilio will require you to have a Static IP address on your end. They don’t have (last time I checked) a VPN to terminate to (although, it is something they are working on).

Users of the Ignition system can respond via touchtone to acknowledge the alarms as well.

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Question about this setup, so do you HAVE to have the Kymera module for Ignition to work with Twilio SIP trunk?