Kymera Twilio Throttled Message

Has anyone used the Kymera twilio module?
I am trying to utilize the throttled message for consolidated alarms, but the double { sytnax does not parse.
I am trying to get the message to repeat for all the alarm events that are consolidated together like so:

I’m not sure, but those quotes seem suspicious, try without them.

Right, it is very strange. The actual message I receive is just the syntax. =0
just tried and no luck

Try rebuilding the message using the property reference button to double check the property paths

Tried that and no luck.
As soon as i take out the double {{ }}, I can get the first alarm event properties to work, but when i add the {{}}, i don’t get the repeated message for the other events.

I contacted kymera to see if they have any ideas, but i figured i’d post here as well since i am impatient =)

I’m not sure that Kymera is the correct party to contact since the consolidated message is part of Ignition’s Alarming module. Try testing the consolidation message in an email instead of Kymera’s Twilio module to determine where your problems are coming from.

Notification Block - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

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i started my ticket with ignition but they told me to contact kymera…

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Kymera is the right party to contact.

Their notification module receives the consolidated message expression which they are responsible for evaluating correctly.


I didn’t know if the problem was an Ignition issue or Kymera’s evaluation of the message, which is why I suggested trying it with an email to determine which was at fault.


Kymera made some changes in their module, now the expression evaluates just as the ignition manual says it should.

Thanks all