KyvisLabs ApexChart Event Handlers

Splintering off of this thread I need to get some advice/tips from the devs or anyone who has had success using the animationEnd, mounted, and updated event handlers on the apex chart components of this module.

I’m trying to set a view custom property once chart updates are finished loading, as occasionally my chart data my take a little while to render. During the interim, I use the view custom prop to show a loading graphic superimposed on the chart. However, in testing, the handlers mentioned above all only fire once when the view is loaded, but none ever fire again, regardless of whether the chart series or options are updated at runtime.

According to the docs the animationEnd and mounted handlers behave as I would expect. The updated handler is what I would expect to fire when the chart data is updated. The reference mentions this updated function fires when the updateOptions() or updateSeries() functions are called, but I do not see any way to do this with the apex chart component.

I don’t think you can access those…