Label Problem on Chart component


We are using ‘Chart’ component to draw a line chart. Can we show Label for each point on the Chart (like in the Bar Chart).

Are we missing any setting here.

Unfortunately, the only labels you can get on the chart right now are from the Mark and X-Trace features and that is for one point at a time.

Thank you Travis. We are showing labels on the Bar Chart. However, the Label not properly visible (showing half part only) for the Highest bar in the Chart. Can we give lower, upper margins for the Bar chart as we can give in the Chart component.

You can change the lower and upper bound on the bar chart through scripting. Check out this post,

Margins on the bar chart’s Y-axis would be a good idea - we can add this.

The script that has been shown in the post works on a Easy Chart, Chart component. However, you can set these settings in ‘Chart Customizer’ directly. We are not able to view ‘ChartAxisLimitsDemo.fwin’ that has been posted by Mickey Bob.

We tried with the same code for Bar Chart and getting an error:

Traceback (innermost last): File "<event:internalFrameActivated>", line 7, in ? AttributeError: getYAxes

I think we need to use different script.

Yes, that script won’t work for the bar chart. We’ll need to add this as a bar chart feature.

Ok. Thank you Carl

This improvement has been included for the next release of Ignition.