Label Scroll Bar

Is there any way to get a scroll bar to appear for a label component in vision?

I need to change the font color so i will be using HTML to do that but after appending new text to a label, after it grows so much the label doesn’t put a scroll bar to see the rest of the text.

Any suggestions?

Maybe not the solution you are after, but on labels that might be “out of bounds”, I usually do a mouse over, so they can see the entire text via mouse over/tooltip.

Gotcha, for a mouse over text that may take up the entire screen. more context. We have UDP devices that send message strings and our techs watch those new messages come through. So the text area works great for this but we cannot change font color on different messages.
For example, the messages coming from the device come in white and then when the tech sends a command from Ignition the color of that message sent shows up red.

What about using a Text Area, instead?

Doesn’t allow me to use HTML to change color of the font.

Sorry, just re-read that.

Have you looked at the Comments Panel? I don’t think you can change colors, but it would offer a name/timestamp as a type of separator.

The comments panel won’t work because i’m changing this from a normal text area to something else that i can change color.

I now figured out a way to do this with a power table. I made it react like a text area and got what i needed. Thanks for the help.