Label Text bound to the current path of indirect tag binding of LED display

I would like to create an LED display and bind the value to a tag, and then have a label below it that shows which tag the LED is bound to. So, if the LED display is changing display with an indirect tag, I want to see what the path of the tag I am presently viewing is.

How are you constructing the indirection? Do the same in an expression binding on the label.

I was hoping there was a way to get to it so when I copy a bunch of times, I only need to change the indirect tag binding in the LED display, and the label in the same container can just show what the tag is.

Ok. Construct the entire tag path in a custom property. Use that in the indirect binding and in the label.

So I would have to use the Tag Browser, right click on a tag, and select Copy Path. Put that as text in a custom tag, and then use that custom tag text in the binding for a indirect tag in both the LED, and the label? That is not a bad idea, and saves me some time.

Just to throw this out there, it seems that you are relatively new to Ignition. You might find benefit in Inductive University,

Also keep in mind there are a ton of docs at your disposal. Welcome - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

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Not a custom tag. A custom property. Typically on the component using the indirect binding, but could be elsewhere in the view. Or even a view parameter. NOT a tag.

Yes, that is what I meant, sorry about that.