Label/Text field created on mouseclick

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I’m trying to make my perspective view more interactive, I want to give the users an option of creating a Label or Text field based on a mouse-click action. So I’ll have a static diagram and I want the users to just click on some part of the diagram and create a sticky note (label) through scripting on the backend. Is it possible? If not. can I get the x.y coordinate of the mouse click through a script?

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you can get the xy coordinate on a mouseclike action. and you could create a field with the canvas component.
If you want it to persist tho you will also have to save/pull those “sticky notes” to the databank together with their location i guess

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@victordcq , Thanks for your response, I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll let you know if it worked

it should work, if its practical and easy tho is a different story xD

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First I’ll have to find out the script for creating a canvas component and getting the xy co-ordinates on action-performed/mouse-click :'D

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Creating a component in the canvas is simply adding an object in its instances list, that should be quite straightforward.
For the x/y coordinates, they’re available in the onClick event script:

		event: Events fired by the relevant mouse/touch interaction.
			clientX (int | float): The X coordinate in local coordinates.
			clientY (int | float): The Y coordinate in local coordinates.
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I knew it should be something simple and thought I’ll figure it out as I go but thanks for pointing it out

Actually there are other x/y coordinates available, I’m not sure which you should be using:

pageX (int | float): The X coordinate relative to the whole document.
pageY (int | float): The Y coordinate relative to the whole document.
screenX (int | float): The X coordinate in global (screen) coordinates.
screenY (int | float): The Y coordinate in global (screen) coordinates.
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Thanks a lot, @pascal.fragnoud & @victordcq . I was able to write some scripts to create and delete an instance from a View canvas. I was hoping to make the instances draggable (reposition) by the user, is it possible?

No, creating something draggable that is responsive requires Clientside JavaScript. Which ignition doesn’t provide.
You could make a module for that but I that is gonna be hard too…

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That’s what I thought, Thank you so much for the clarification