Label text property

Hi Guys,
How do you make the text in the text property of a label appear in two lines. For example If I open up the string Editor and enter the text as two lines, It still shows up on the label as one line.

You have to use HTML formatting for this. For example, use the text:

<HTML>Line 1<BR>Line 2

is an HTML line break. HTML formatting is a very useful tool in FactoryPMI, and can be used almost anywhere, including inside table cells.

Also, if you just start the text with <HTML>, it will the automatically wrap.

Hope this helps,

Thanks. That works.

Hello, I know this topic is quite old but I cannot figure out how to set automatic text-wrapping in a label. Your response seems to have been processed by my web browser and I can’t actually see what characters you would use to indicate auto-wrap. I’ve looked at another post in which the answers have the same issue.

The relevant prefix is <HTML> (I’ve amended Carl’s original post)