Label to display Tag name

Is it possible to have a label setup to display the tag name of the tag it is assigned to? I would think it would be an expression transform but cannot locate the correct properties. Any thoughts?

Bindings are not themselves accessible within Perspective. There's weird and undocumented things you can do in Vision to accomplish this, but Perspective is very different. In short, you need the tag path (including name) to get the tag name. If you have the tag path, you can indirectly bind the tag itself, and strip the last element to get the name. That is typically what would be done (even in Vision).

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If you're feeding a tag path into a view as a parameter you could use an indirect tag binding in the 'template' view to access it. Like this:

I've seen some systems have label tags in relevant folders for things. Kinda like a UDT but not lol.

I can't really speak of good or bad this is in practice.

I think this will work.