Lack of useful information in logs on Transaction Group Error

I set up a "Transaction Group" with two in and one out parameters, pointing to a simple stored procedure. It works.

I then tried to use an existing Oracle Procedure we are currenly using with Rockwells Transaction Manager (RSSQL) with a larger number of in parameters and one out parameter. It fails. The logical place to go for troublshooting is the logs. I find them to be useless, but I thought I would post here, to see what I am missing.

I turned on trace level loging for my project, for the PLC, the database and the transaction group. The only thing the log tells me is "Error during group execution." This is useless. There are no hints at all on where to begin to look, i.e. db communications, data type mis-matches, OPC errors, etc.. I would never, ever put something like this into a production environment.

FW_Sta33_exit_test 15Mar2023 12:51:31 Error during group execution.
FW_Sta33_exit_test 15Mar2023 12:51:31 Executing post-trigger evaluation.
FW_Sta33_exit_test 15Mar2023 12:51:31 Trigger is active.
FW_Sta33_exit_test 15Mar2023 12:51:31 Trigger evaluated. Value: [true, Good, Wed Mar 15 12:51:30 EDT 2023 (1678899090225)], Active evaluation: true, Return value: true, First exec cancellation: false
FW_Sta33_exit_test 15Mar2023 12:51:31 Reading item '[GROUP]Exit_Trigger', group tag=true, abiguous=false
FW_Sta33_exit_test 15Mar2023 12:51:31 Trigger latched value: [true, Good, Wed Mar 15 12:51:30 EDT 2023 (1678899090225)]

Am I missing something here?

I agree 100%
You CAN get a more detailed error if you go to the transaction group, go to the Events Tab at the bottom and double click on the error row.
But there should be much more detailed logging of the groups.


Thanks. That is helpful. I can move forward, but I still don't think I will use Transaction Groups in a production environment. I wrote some script to execute transactions against the OPC layer, subscribing to only the trigger tag, and that seems to work well. I can write logging code inside my script. While it is early in the project, I am leaning that direction. Each minute of down time while researching why transactions are not working is very expensive. Therefor good logs are as imperative as good network communications.

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IMO, transaction groups are intended for those who cannot script (at all, or well), and therefore provides a nice drag and drop interface for those starting out. There are several threads on the forum that highlight the benefits of scripts over TG's. If you can script, then script, you are in total control and it saves buying the module.


+1 for no to transaction groups, yes to scripting

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