Lag Issue, Page loading and indication feedback slow

The page loading when switching page took about 11 seconds to complete the load.
The response of the pushbutton and the indication which take 5 to 8 seconds.

It is very obvious for the larger site which has more items or functions in one page as the print screen attached.
All the Tanks and MOVs have popup window function.

Is there a way that can improve this issue?

Ignition version used is 7.9.8, run on Dell PowerEdge R630 Server with Xeon E5-2620, 8G Ram and RHEL 7.3.
4 Clients PC.

Are you using UDTType parameters in your template(s)?
These would most likely be the culprits here. I never use UDTType parameters, and will always pass in the tag path for my templates, for many reasons not just performance.

Yes, I did use UDT Type parameter.
Which make life easier when adding new section.
Our site, different section will have different connection.

So, your idea is don’t use UDT Type Parameter?
How about UDT type tag?
Because 80% of the tags is UDT type.

UDT tags are great, but template UDT type parameters are not.