Laptop WiFi Disconnections

I was looking into some reasons why I was getting WiFi network loss and from some troubleshooting I did earlier in the week.

After talking with a couple of my techs I was given the explanation that they had not had any issue with wifi and one of them wanted to install Ignition’s software on his laptop. Almost immediately after the gateway started, wifi would drop out and the only way to resolve this was to restart the wireless communication by clicking on the wifi symbol, which was only a temporary fix until it dropped again, at seemingly random times.


I maintained a successful connection for almost 1 hour and 40 minutes myself, before my network dropped with the message [‒]Capability change on {a9260c49-ac13-46ec-8a64-7978e8540aca} (0x47008000000000 Family: V4 Capability: None ChangeReason: SuspectArpProbeFailed). This issue is persistent across multiple laptops that are running the gateway system.

The issue does not present itself when the Ignition Gateway is OFFLINE or UNINSTALLED and I can’t find anything in the forums for this issue, so i made a post here for it. Been driving me crazy for the past few months and I was hoping to get more light on the situation to try and nail this down.

I originally believed this was an issue with the port settings in the gateway, and so I changed the HTTP port from 8088 to 591. This seemed to fix the issue in the beginning but it has since come back. I did not have this issue with an older E15 laptop I had, and it seems to be something consistent with Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz cards (or at least, the AX200 series cards) as my E15 did not have that specific wifi card. My T15 has a soldered wifi chip so I’m not able to run a different wifi adapter and the other techs who are running into these wifi issues have completely different laptops with the Wi-Fi 6 cards from Intel also installed.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have any issues with my WIFI with Ignition actively installed and running. I think your router, network policy, firewall, etc… is kicking you out. I would check your network/router logs

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I’ll check in with our local IT engineer and see what thoughts he has about it. Unfortunately there’s no easy way for me to access the router logs but thank you for the tip. I’ll be poking around in the firewall today.

I found that Ignition’s Gateway service was not allowed in inbound or outbound rules. Never had any issue with communication but I have added the exception into the firewall rules and restarted the gateway. I will update if I have any wifi issues.

I’ve updated a couple other techs’ firewall settings and one stated he did loose wifi but I have still not had wifi drop as of yet. Will continue to monitor.

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