Large daily logs

We are running the server on linux, in case it matters. It is also our test server so it does not effect production.

In the “/usr/local/bin/ignition/contexts/main/logs” folder there are logs for each day which average around 935 MB each. This is a small test server and the logs consumed all the storage space and shut the server down. What is creating these logs?

If you zip some of them up on max compression they’ll be small enough to email to us and we can tell you what’s logging out of control.

Just send them to

Went through the logs here. I seen it was pointing to a data connection that was no longer there. Remedied that and logs look a lot smaller now. I will keep an eye on it.

The Wrapper.log file is also very large. Any ideas on that one?

Now to look into the store and forward issue which also has a post on it.


The logs under contexts/main/logs currently grow un-bounded, which is a problem. We will change this soon.

wrapper.log is automatically bounded - it won’t grow forever. By default it grows to 1M, and then will split itself into files, up to 5 of them.