Large Gateway Logs

First a little back story: Over the weekend as part of a green workplace initiative, power was shut down to some air conditioning units in a plant. It just so happens that one of said units was also burdened with the important job of cooling the server room. I think you can see where this is going… As a result of a few temperature related errors on various machines the connection from the SQL server and the Gateway became unstable/ locked.

Now for the question: After the temperature issues had been resolved the Ignition server was still lethargic and error prone. With a little digging we noticed that the C Drive of the server was full! We found that the gateway error logs were running <10Gb per day during and after the temperature issues until a hard reboot of the machine. So…is there a way to limit the size of the log files? Can we change the directory of the log files to another drive other than the drive where Ignition was installed? How long do the gateway logs stay in the directory? Is there a way to limit the logs retained to the last 7 days?

System info:
Windows Server 2003
SQL Server 2008R2
Ignition release installed at time of incident: 7.1.1


Yes, in that version of Ignition the log files would just grow forever until someone removed old ones. You may want to upgrade to 7.1.4 as now we clear out old ones for you and we have an automatic backup feature.

Thank you Travis. After posting yesterday I noticed a mention in the release notes for later versions that the log file handling had changed. Guess I’ll look there first in the future.