Large icon libraries break all icons on Safari/iOS

After adding some custom icon libraries (Font Awesome 6 specifically), all icons stopped displaying in Safari and iOS if multiple libraries are referenced on the same page. The browser console has an Unhandled Promise Rejection: QuotaExceededError: the quota has been exceeded. message.

From the looks of it, Perspective takes all of the svg icons from any library that is referenced in the currently open view and adds them to sessionStorage. At some point in this process, it exceeds the amount of space available, then stops doing anything else with the icons. Clearing local storage and reloading the page with a single library or smaller libraries works as expected.

It would be nice if it only loaded icons that were actively being used into sessionStorage so we can take advantage of some much more extensive sets of icons. As a workaround I can make subsets of the existing .svgs to reduce the storage requirements, that's just a lot of work.