Large logs.bin file


Ignition V7.5.4

I thought that settings of logfile max size was in ignition.conf… The default rollover settings is 10m but I’ve a logs.bin file 2gb+ and still growing.

Any idea ?

Those settings control the size and rollover of the text-based wrapper.log files… logs.bin.gz is supposed to be fixed at 20mb max.

I’ve never seen it grow unbounded before… interesting.

Hi Kevin,

Have you some news for this ?
We have another site with same pb…don’t have the version at this time but sure, not v7.5.4, I’ll get it to you asap.


version 7.5.6

No news. Never seen this problem with anyone else, either.

Can you tell me a little more about your setup? OS version? Language settings? I donno… something…

Hi Kevin,

On a XP machine with 7.5.8 (b1410) and Java 1.7.0_17, here is what I do :

  • stop ignition gateway service
  • edit ignition.conf and modify “wrapper.logfile.maxsize=10m” to “wrapper.logfile.maxsize=10k” (just for test purpose)
  • delete all files in \Ignition\logs
  • delete .ignition in user folder
  • restart the gateway

As a result,

  • logs.bin comes back immediately to its previous state (on my testing machine 20M, can’t do it on the field machine at this time but logs.bin is 1500M)
  • wrapper.log has the size of the configuration in ignition.conf
  • several wrapper.log.# are created up to the max value (5) in the ignition.conf file.

Hope this help…

any update for this… I know you are busy for the user community conf. but… :wink:

We can’t replicate this. The settings in ignition.conf don’t have an effect on the binary log - it’s hardcoded to be 20mb max.

If you delete the large logs.bin file does it come back and grow unlimited in size still?