Large projekt performance problem, slowed gateway connection


We are working on a large project of several hundred photovoltaic farms added to our SCADA ignition. Up to now everything was working very stably but we are starting to have problems with the connection between gateways. Our architecture is IO servers and one frontend server. We connected everything using a dedicated provider for each PV farm and in the frontend server are remote providers from the IO server.

We are constantly adding new devices, tag providers and UDTs to Ignition. Sometimes for various reasons it is necessary to change the UDT on the provider something like changing tags and their parameters sometimes also the source of the tag, device, OPC server.

We check performance all the time, which seems to be in order and with the right amount of resources.

Problem I want to get to:

  1. Communication problems between the IO Gateway and Frontend Gateway servers. In the preview of IO server variables everything works very well variables are properly loaded but in Fontend using remote connections there are gaps in the preview of these values. Some tags load constantly and fully correctly and some do not.
  2. We have a very similar UDT on all providers if it changes then we replace the UDT on subsequent providers this causes Perspective to slow down sometimes Designer also crashes.

Can I check and provide any diagnostic or logs? I can't find any problems in them in the diagnostic, log as if everything works fine.

You need to contact IA support and create a ticket. You can send them diagnostic logs and they should be able to figure out the problem.

Ok, thank you. So in that case, I report it to IA by e-mail.

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