Last 4 hrs of alarm events

How can I display last 4 hrs of alarm history in new window??
Should I use alarm status component Or alarm journal component?
What is the setting to show last 4 hrs of alarm events??
Please help.

You will want to use the alarm journal. The alarm status component only gives current statuses.

There are a couple of options.
If you want the table to automatically update, set the startDate to the expression now()
If you want it to not automatically update: now(0)

Either way, set the endDate to addHours({Root Container.Alarm Journal.startDate}, -4). This assumes the name of the Journal is ‘Alarm Journal’.

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Thank you so much.

It worked but opposite.

I had to write now() expression in End Date and
addHours({Root Container.Alarm Journal.endDate}, -4) in Start Date of alarm journal table.
But anyway, it worked. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whoops, sorry about that, the coffee must have been wearing off…

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