Latest alarm popup window


I would like to create a “Latest alarm popup window” as shown above.

When any new Alarm arrives:

  1. This window pops up and gets operator attention by periodic bell sound untill the operator acts.

  2. Every new alarm will be updated immediately in the window if it has already popped up.

  3. The opertaor can silence the bell, relax the alarm for a period and acknowledge one by one or all as shown.

Pls share your experience.

I would create an expression tag that holds the most recent alarm’s timestamp and use a tag change script to open the alarm status window. After that, you just need to use the normal alarm tools.

Check this post: … 70&t=14276

For popping up a window when a new alarm comes in, you could add a new internal property to the template (oldCount perhaps) and put the following, UNTESTED, code in the property change event of the template:

if event.propertyName == “count”:
if event.source.count > event.source.oldCount:
if “Alarms/Alarm Status” not in system.gui.getOpenedWindowNames():
system.nav.openWindow(“Alarms/Alarm Status”)
event.source.oldCount = event.source.count
event.source.oldCount = event.source.count

Thanks Duffanator. It worls perfectly. That topic is locked and i could not reply there… :slight_smile: