Latest build broke the Project Comm Read/Write

8.1.19 ignores the Project Comm settings. I used to be able to run scripts to write to tags that were normally read only changing this setting, now I have to do all these changes by hand.


Could you elaborate a little more on where you are seeing this issue? After you set the Project Comm from Ready Only to Read/Write, how exactly are you being forced to “do all these changes by hand” before executing a tag write script?

I get a permissions error when running my script in the console. I used to be able to run the script after I put the project in read/write, not anymore though.

Can you show me the specific permissions error you’re getting?

I found a way around the issue using:

system.tag.configure('[default]' + unit, [tag], "m")
tag = {
		"name" : 'StatusIndicator',
		"value" : 46

So not as easy to use but life's tough sometimes:).Thx

Copy and paste issue, the tag json is above the configure call:).