Latin 1 support

I know you guys are working hard to bring i18n to ignition but I need to deliver something now.

I’ve created a SQLTags driver for all the points. Currently you can’t use é and â and other non ascii characters in the tag name. But you can use them in the tooltips.
:bulb: I can create the screens and display the tool tip instead of the tag name.
:question: does tag import/export handle utf8 csv files? (export works)
:question: alarms? Can the alarm table be made to show the tooltip instead of the tag name?
:question: history? Can the history graph show the tool tip instead of the tag name. (I’m pretty sure I can make this work)
:question: what other things will jump out and bite me with this plan?

Tomorrow I’ll look into what we can do to support these characters in the tag name.

With internal sqltags it shouldn’t be a problem- through the database, however, it may be necessary to ensure that the collation is set up in the database to prevent “è=e”. Maybe it doesn’t matter, though, because I’m not sure we ever select based on the tag name…

I’ve modified tags to allow a wider range of characters in the names, and everything appears to work fine. Didn’t make it into the latest dev release, but should be in the next one.



I’ll give it a go when it comes out.