Lauch Ignition Using Remote Desktop Services

Hi All,

I am currently working on aproject to introduce ACP ThinManager and ThinClients. The plant runs multiple scada platforms (ignition, WW, Factory Talk etc). Using Windows RDS (remote desk. serv.) and ACP ThinManager I can specifically designate an application to run on a specific client. The client will then only lauch the application with no windows desktop accessible in the background. An application is made available via ServerManager. My problem is, as Ignition isn’t a full application, it is not available to add to the remoteapp list.

Has anybody used this method before?

Ignition currently running on WinXP clients and Win Server2008. With this project it will move to Win7 and Win Server2012, the idea being to standardise all client PCs to a ACP ThinClient architecture.

I know I can make a specific URL available via remoteapp, but I want the application only.

Any help much appreciated.

I don’t have any direct experience using ThinManager, but I would suspect that using the Native Client Launcher will probably be your best bet. This should let the system recognize the client as a “full application”. You can configure the native client launcher to launch straight into a specific project as well, and bypass the “pick a gateway” and “pick a project” phases.

Thanks Carl, I will try this out. Am I correct in saying Native Client Launchers are only available from V7.7? Current system runs V7.3, but part of this project is to upgrade to the latest version anyway.

Using ThinManager appears to be the direction a lot of companies are headed. I will let you know how testing goes anyway.

The native client launchers were introduced in Ignition 7.5.

Current system runs V7.3, but part of this project is to upgrade to the latest version anyway.

Yes. Please do this.

@focusengsk could you give an update on your testing? I just had a customer request today for this exact solution. Replacing a SCADA system with older technology, but using thin clients.