Launch a side project with main project resources

I have a main project onsite that has auto commit update for any saves.
One of the clients only need to run windows that hardly ever change, although it would be great to have them automatically sync somehow with the main project if a change to those resources is made.

Initially, I thought to create a new project for this client copying over just the windows they need so that they wouldn’t get that update refresh every time someone makes a change to the main project.

If I make the new project and set it to inherit from the main project, it would still refresh when a save was made on the main project, right?

So, if anyone has an idea to do this, it would be nice to have the auto-login on this client for this project as well even though the main project is not setup to auto login. Thanks.

you definitely can use project inheritance for this. All of the common resources should be in a parent which is marked inheritable and the projects which use those resources should have that one set as their parent project.

One gotcha here: inheritable projects are not runnable projects. This means that your current “main project” wouldn’t be able to run directly if you are doing that currently.

Depending on your situation converting your projects and creating a reusable and coherent hierarchy might require a lot of work and may or may not be worth the effort. Only you can make that call.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C

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