Launch Client on reboot in Ubuntu


I am trying to get the client to run on start up or reboot, I’ve tried doing it in crontab and bashrc with no results. Here’s my command "java -classpath /home/usr/.ignition/clientlauncher-data/launchclient.jar”
Any ideas?


I was about to give instructions using the client launcher, but then realized it was for a raspberry pi. Not quite the same. :slight_smile:

Let me fire up a VM and I’ll post something back in a bit.

Okay, I’ve got something put together for you, A video is at the bottom.

  • Download Client launcher for windows

  • Open Files and browse to Downloads

  • Right-click on the ‘clientlauncher.tar.gz’ file and select ‘Extract here’

  • Right-click on the ‘’ file and select ‘Properties’

  • Click on the ‘Permissions’ tab and verify that there is either a minus sign or check on the box marked ‘Allow executing file as program’

  • In the Files menu bar (it’s at the top of the screen, not the top fie the window), select ‘Edit’ -> ‘Preferences’

  • Click on the ‘Behavior’ tab, then select ‘Ask each time’ in the section marked ‘Executable Text Files’. This is more secure than blindly running any script that you see. :slight_smile:

  • Close the dialog box.

  • Open ‘’. A dialog will pop up asking what you want to do with this file. Select ‘Run’.

  • The fist time the client launcher starts, it asks for the location of the server. If it automatically scans it, great! If not you can enter it manually. (not in this video)

  • Finally, it will list the projects you can launch. Before click the launch button for whatever project you’re working with, be sure that ‘Create a desktop icon’ is checked. Wait for it to load.

  • Close the project, and should see that there is indeed an icon on the desktop.

  • As my grandfather used to say, “We’re rounding third and heading home…”

  • Open the Unity desktop and search for ‘Startup Applicaitons’. Open it.

  • Drag the project icon into the window. That’s it!