Launch Clients on Dual Monitor System

I want to launch two clients from the same project on a dual monitor system. I want one to launch full-screen on the left monitor and the other to launch full-screen on the right monitor.

I see there is a project property called ‘Screen Index’. Can this value be passed in the java launch command line? Can I access and alter it on client startup?

The only way that you would be able to do this is by launching two clients. But then you would need to have two separate projects because you couldn’t assign a different screen index to two different windows in the same project.

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We have done something similar (but totally different :slight_smile: ) We have created a process that keeps track of clients opening a particular screen. In our case it was a screen to look at a remote (as in connected over GSM) device. The connection was only made when a user wanted to look at a device. If they closed the screen, we had to close the connection.

To apply the same system to what you want:

  1. user loges in
  2. a script runs querying a table in the db to see how many clients are running on this box (tag ‘[system]client/Network/IPAddress’)
  3. if zero set screen index to 1
    3a. if one set screen index to 2
  4. store ipaddress and screen index

We also created a watchdog on the server that would clear out old entries if the user didn’t logout cleanly. (think alt-f4 or reboot)

Hope this helps.

That sounds interesting, Robert. But how do set the screen index on the fly?

The window on this thread may help you with changing screen indexes. We used it to have one client pc drive multiple dashboard displays across a plant.

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Good question! I don’t know. :scratch:

Hopefully Dan’s link above will help you.