Launch Error after move to the Cloud

Hey guys,

I’m probably going to have to call in for this but…

Our Ignition server was moved to the cloud on saturday and I tested everything from my pc and it all worked. However, on Sunday some people were contacting me that they could not launch Ignition, they are getting this error:

Nothing on the server changed except for it being moved to the cloud. It was already a virtual server, but in our local server farm.

The other weird thing is that it still works fine for some people but not others, all at the same location. Any ideas what this could be?

FYI, I figured this out.

Apparently Java was getting incorrect proxy information from Internet Explorer for the location or path to the server. I could either set Java to direct connect instead of using default browser settings or if I went into Internet Explorer → Tools → Internet Options → Advanced Tab → Reset button under “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” section and reset internet explorer back to default settings.

Then, close Internet Explorer and reopen. Allow Internet Explorer to automatically find all the settings (connect to the internet) and then Ignition would launch fine with no issues.

Hopefully this will help someone else, I was pulling my hair out on this one. :scratch: