Launch Perspective Session from Designer Failing

Has anyone had any problems with launching a session from the designer either by tools → Launch Perspective → Launch Session OR right-clicking a page configuration and selecting launch URL?

I am running 8.1.11 (b2021101912) and I cannot launch a session at all from the Designer, no error message, no logs in the gateway, just nothing.

What browser is configured as the default browser for the machine in use? When you attempt to open a session, we pass that request off to the default browser - at that point there would be no more communication with the Gateway until the browser succeeds in opening the session; no session means no communication, which means no logging.

Chrome is the default browser. And I have confirmed that it is set to that under default apps in windows.

What happens if you copy the URL you’re trying to launch (right click the page configuration) and paste it into your browser? Do you end up on the expected page?

Yes that works fine.