Launch program from FPMI

How can I launch a program from an FPMI control (i.e. a button). I’d like to use the FPMI URL (localhost:8080/gateway/launch/project.jnlp) to launch this project and others from an overview project. Can I? Should I?

First of all, for reference, you launch a URL from FactoryPMI with the function. You can find the manual page with examples here

You could certainly use this to launch one FactoryPMI project from within another. However, even better would be to use the retargetting feature! This feature is made for exactly this, but has the added benefit that A) it launches another FPMI project from within the same client and B) If your user credentials work with both projects, you don’t have to re-login.

If this sounds like what you’re trying to accomplish, see the manual page here

Hope this helps,

Excellent. Thanks.