Launching 7.9.9 designer [remotely], with only OpenJDK installed

os: windows 10
I’m having issues launching a 7.9.9 designer with AdoptOpenJDK on my device.

I’ve tried opening the jnlp with the following (no luck):

Anyone know what I’m missing?

@code_skin Typically OpenJDK doesn’t come with WebStart functionality and requires the addition of the IcedTea plugin. My recommendation is to use the Native Client Launchers that are available on your gateway homepage instead.

@jcoffman, thanks for the reply. I should have tested that before posting because I was under the impression Client Native Launchers only had embedded Java starting with 7.9.10.

@code_skin The Native Client Launchers only have the embedded runtime in 7.9.10. The previous versions are still a great alternative, they simply use the installed system-wide Java executables.

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