Launching a New Vision Client (8.0) on a Slow Network

I just upgraded a customer to ver8.0 yesterday. A few minor issues, but for the most part all went good until I went to the remote site to update the Client Launcher. This remote is connected to the Gateway via an ethernet radio, so the connection is not fast. When I first installed 7.9, it was slow to launch the first time since it had to download the entire application, but it took probably less than an hour to fully download and start the client.

With the update to 8.0, things are not going quite as well…ok, it is not going well at all. I started the download last night at about 5:30pm. The progress bar showed 109 packages to download. It downloaded about the first 15 packages before I got a parity error and it stopped. I clicked Retry and fortunately, it just restarted that package which it finally completed and moved on, now showing 94 packages to install. After about an hour of waiting and watching, it once again got hung up on a parity error so I again clicked Retry and it restarted again. now showing 89 packages to download. It was now 6:30pm and I had to leave.

Fast forward to today. Stopped in first thing this morning and another parity error, clicked Retry and still at 89 packages. Went to main site to check on Gateway and when I returned to the remote, another parity error. Once again clicked Retry, still at 89 packages. Been here for almost an hour and still working on that same package, though it is finally at 95%, so hopeful that it will finish.

Ok, sorry for the long write up, but finally to the actual question. Is there another way to export the application form the Gateway and import it into the Client Launcher so we do not have to wait for it to fully download? At the rate it is going, I will be babysitting it for days trying to just get it to download and launch. This is not good at all.


You can launch the client on another machine (using the exact same IP/address), then copy the .ignition/cache/gw<ip address> folder to the remote machine.


You can download the launcher a PC on the local gateway or gateway itself and copy that over to the remote client. Of course you will need to use the proper launcher for each system.

I was wondering if that would work or not. Thanks! I will do that.

Success!!! Thanks again!