Launching an applet

I am scanning the barcode launcher and I am not able to scroll to the dropdown menu that enables me to launch the project as an applet which is what I need to do with a android phone or tablet, correct?

Which browsers do I need or ignition settings to open a web client from a phone or a tablet?
Browser navigation on android browsers seems nearly impossible, I keep getting a circle menu that will only let me zoom or select option one at a time.

The problem is that phones and tablets don’t run the full Java JRE so you can’t launch the client using windowed, full-screen or applet. You can only use our mobile module to launch the application. On a regular computer with the Java JRE you can launch as an applet.

If you use the mobile module you just need a device that supports HTML5 in the browser.

how can I load a client on a phone or a tablet then?
I’m using samsung and the latest andriod…
I am unable to size the windows to fit in these devices.

All you do is open the browser on the phone (assuming it is on the wireless network you Ignition server is on) and type in the Ignition url:


Of course replace ipaddress with either the IP or hostname of the Ignition server. There are a couple of important settings for sizing on smaller devices. So open the Ignition Designer and select Project > Properties from the file menu.

First click on Client > User Interface. Make sure the client minimum size is smaller than your device or you will get scrollbars.

Secondly, click on Mobile > General on the left. Make sure it is set to “Fit to Device” or is the size of your phone. You can also set it to auto-login.

Hope this helps.