Launching Client, Extracting Scripts taking ~5 mins to complete

I have an Ignition project of a moderate size, and have noticed that, as the project has been developing, the client has been taking longer and longer to launch. The majority of the time is spent ‘Extracting Scripts’ at around 5 minutes now. The pylib folder in the client .ignition cache folders is at 112 MB, with the majority (~100 MB) being taken up by the Apache POI folder (pylib\POI) - is this normal?

Are there any measures I can take to reduce the client load times, or things I can do to increase inefficiencies?

This is weird for a couple reasons:

  1. we don’t ship Apache POI in pylib
  2. POI is a Java library, so it doesn’t make sense to be in pylib

Did you or someone working on your project drop this in as a 3rd party python library?

Yep, that’s my bad. I was messing around a while ago trying to write to an Excel document (obviously unsuccessfully) and forgot that I added this library to the pylib folder. I’ve deleted it and it’s starting up much faster now. Cheers