Launching Client, Extracting Scripts taking ~5 mins to complete

I have an Ignition project of a moderate size, and have noticed that, as the project has been developing, the client has been taking longer and longer to launch. The majority of the time is spent ‘Extracting Scripts’ at around 5 minutes now. The pylib folder in the client .ignition cache folders is at 112 MB, with the majority (~100 MB) being taken up by the Apache POI folder (pylib\POI) - is this normal?

Are there any measures I can take to reduce the client load times, or things I can do to increase inefficiencies?

This is weird for a couple reasons:

  1. we don’t ship Apache POI in pylib
  2. POI is a Java library, so it doesn’t make sense to be in pylib

Did you or someone working on your project drop this in as a 3rd party python library?

Yep, that’s my bad. I was messing around a while ago trying to write to an Excel document (obviously unsuccessfully) and forgot that I added this library to the pylib folder. I’ve deleted it and it’s starting up much faster now. Cheers

I have the same problem. Mine started on day one of downloading the Ignition software. The only remedy I found was just starting my computer over, only then will it load fast. I do not have any personal scripts in the folder, only the standard scripts from the ignition download. I downloaded ignition from the university website so I could do the course in ignition as I watch the videos.

After downloading ignition, is there any properties I need to adjust to stop this from happening, and if so can someone provide a step by step guide on that? I am 25 minutes in and only at 13% on extracting scripts. I will restart my computer after posting this and edit this on the start time now.

Loaded instantly and I am now in the designer with no problems. This used to be a rare occurrence but now it has become daily aspect.

The Ignition gateway runs best when:

  • It has plenty of RAM,
  • Plenty of CPU cores (at least some mostly idle),
  • Nothing else running with it in the same machine.

Running a database in the same machine, or a designer in the same machine, or other user tools (spreadsheets, document editing, whatever) violates these rules of thumb. Which can be fine for training purposes in a laptop, as long as the laptop is pretty beefy. Not fine at any other time, or in a wimpy laptop.

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Great information. Here is wrench in the cogs on some of that. The first time I started up the computer today, I had nothing else running. After the restart I opened up teams, google chrome and then ignition designer and it opened up fine.

Processor: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700H, 2300 Mhz, 14 Core(s), 20 Logical Processor(s)

Just making sure if there is anything else I can look into, I do not want to miss out on that.

It might be as simple as the gateway service (which runs in the background), and maybe a local database service (also typically a background service), being busy still starting up when you were trying to immediately start the designer.

How much RAM have you allowed Ignition to use? How much RAM have you allowed a local DB to use? What do those values look like when designer startup becomes slow?

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That make sense.

As for the allowing of RAM etc, I left everything standard from the installation.

And for the local DB? IIRC, neither SQL Server nor MySQL limit their own memory usage, so those grow to dominate a machine.


Ah I see the issue. This is a lot of RAM being used on a lot of company software. 10.9/15.7GM(69%). Going to IT and see what program are not needed to lower this.

Thanks so much for your input. Always so helpful.

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