Launching Client in HMI

We are trying to Launch the Perspective browser Client in EXOR eSMART7M HMI,which has Linux OS and chromium browser (version 65.0.17).When we launch it keep on Loading and never launched.
Please advise.

If you’re running Ignition v8, you can’t use the built in Java, as you have an ARM architecture.

With 512MB of RAM on an ARM, I’m guessing you have a 32 bit OS. The data sheet does not specify.

If that’s the case, the method changes.

Will the mentioned workaround apply to perspective session too?

Perspective sessions are browser based, so no. What browser are you using?

Hi Joran,we are using Chromium browser

Oops, sorry, I noticed you already said that…

You may want to see if there’s an update to Chromium. Otherwise, a different browser may be in order.

Hi Jordan,
We updated the Chromium and also installed Exor webkit browser.But the problem remains same.Unfortunately we can’t install other browser in the Exor HMI