Launching from HTML Link in an email

I am sending out an email through our ignition project when a approval is needed, the email contains a link to take the user to an approval screen. This is accomplished by passing a parameter called navigation which is a client tag, the project has a startup script that looks at the value of that tag and takes the user to the approval screen. Here is my script for running the email:

	body = "Maintenance has been completed on the following equipment:" + '<br>' + body + '<br>' + "If you do not have the Kiosk project open click link to submit equipment as available for operation: " + '<A HREF="">Submit Request</A>'%one, myemail, subject, body, 1, recipients, username=myuser, password=mypass)		

For some reason it wont let me launch this link from the email, attached is a pic of the message. Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like Java 7’s web start launcher doesn’t appreciate the JNLP address with url parameters in it. It looks like you might want to downgrade to Java 6. See: … Id=3113436