Launching Ignition client on OSX - client window minimized

When I launch my Ignition client on OSX, it will startup “minimized” at the bottom left of my screen. Everytime I launch it I have to grab the corner of the window and make it larger.

Any ideas?




I think we’re already tracking this issue internally.

Happens to me too, but only with some projects/gateways? :unamused:

I’ll check to see if anybody has a workaround.

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This happens to me too! Seems to happen with every gateway I access from macOs.

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Hi @Kevin.Herron,

Any updates on this?



I am not aware of any status change. This seems to be a Java/Os/Swing issue, as the minified launch is not restricted to Ignition – I’ve seen it in Eclipse and IntelliJ as well. We suspect it’s a bug that occurs when using external/secondary monitors (we haven’t seen/experienced/replicated this on a system which does not use secondary monitors), but have not been able to replicate it on demand.