Launching Ignition using ZeroClient (PCOIP) PC

Hi All,

I am currently developing a project to upgrade legacy Ignition to V7.9.

The legacy system uses 13 Industrial PCs for running applications.

I wonder is it possible to launch Ignition applications using a Zero Client PC such as( Dell Wyse P20 Thin Client).

This would be a really good solution, minimizing PC downtime’s, viruses etc. I am unsure whether this setup can be configured to point to the hist server and display a client running from there.

Any help is much appreciated, or alternatives.

A generally sound rule of thumb is that if it can run Java and connect to the Gateway, we’re probably able to run a client on it. Additionally, you could run Mobile clients on anything that supports a browser (although they’re designed explicitly for small touchscreen displays). The answer to this question might change in the future.