Launching Perspective within Vision Web Browser module

When converting an existing Vision project to Perspective, where this transition will happen in stages, has anyone used the Vision Web Browser module to display the Perspective project to the operator to avoid having to launch two client environments?
Any issues?

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That is what I have been doing, I take one page in the vision project and build the view in perspective and load it with the browser module. It takes a little pressure off and allows me to show progress and get feedback as I move along.

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How does it integrate? Do the users have to log in twice?

I’d assume so. I was thinking I would keep the Window with Perspective running in it always open so that they didn’t have to login every time they switched back to it. It might be somewhat painful to do though, as I may not simply be able to use the swap window function…

You could potentially open a docked window with an invisible perspective window that maintains the session for you. Keep it hidden and it links together any other sessions you might make as you move about. Just a thought

They do have to log in twice, but this is a known transition phase that is a temporary inconvenience i wonder if you could use security zones…