Launching project with specific login

Hello. I have a rather straight-forward question about project launching. Is it possible to launch a project with a specific user name and password? I am basically looking to have the user login to a website and be able to perform other tasks before launching the project. When they launch the project, I would like the application to start and automatically log that specific user in. I am not looking to utilize the auto-login feature in the Gateway configuration page because it seems that it can only be used with one hard coded user name and password.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry, this isn’t currently supported. Unfortunately, caching currently involved our web launch process makes dynamic application parameters difficult.

Thanks for the response. Another idea was recently suggested to me. It would involve the following:

Having the application autologin as guest/guest
Immediately have the application log out and log back in with a username and password it retrieved from a database.

It looks like this will be possible if I run a script with on startup.

Yep, you could do that.