Laurel Panel Meter, Modbus RTU over TCP, FYI

Hi Guys,

Here’s some Known Modbus RTU over TCP settings that work to talk to this Laurel device.
Its the only Rate Panel Meter I could find with On Board Ethernet plug/ Modbus TCP comms.

-Change Config of Laurel Device so Serial Protocol is Modbus RTU vs Custom ASCII(factory)
-Set IP address of Meter/ Modbus TCP board.
-Using Ignition Modbus RTU over TCP driver
-Uncheck 1’s addressing for 0 addressing
-Uncheck Span Gaps

Make sure your tag path uses UnitID of device, which is probably default 1.
You have to read two Registers at a time or Read Fails, hence the second “I”

The Modbus TCP board has the IP address but the meter itself is at UnitID address of 1.
I spun my wheels with Meter that it came with Custom ASCII protocol enabled, instead of RTU.