Layout issue when moving/resizing symbols in a coordinate container

I was asked to do an overview screen for a process. I’m using the pipes from symbol factory and I’m finding that they do not move correctly when I am resizing and moving them.

If I resize one of the pipes it will physically move.
If I select a pipe and hit an arrow key the pipe will move but it will not move in the direction I’m hitting and it will move an inconsistent distance.

Sometimes dragging things around with a mouse will move them the way I am telling them to move. Other times it will move them to where I drag them and when I let go of the mouse it will move them somewhere else.

The only thing that has been reliable for positioning things has been to manually type position coordinates into the position properties on each component which is pretty laborious.

I haven’t used the angle property to rotate any of my components but I have seen similar behavior on the label component when the angle property is used to rotate the text.

I’m using version 8.05. Forgot to mention.

Manual moves should be fixed in 8.0.6 by some changes to the coordinate container to implement the new component rotation system.

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