Layout Mode Problem

So I have a minor issue that I would love to get an answer to. I am designing my windows in the design mode and am having trouble with the Layout Mode on just one window. All of my windows start out at a specified size and when maximized/size change the Relative Options kick in and rescale everything in the window to fit the new size. That all is good. BUT on one of my windows, it starts out automatically as if I maximized the window. The next and everything are much much bigger than I want them to be when the window is opened. In the design view the font and everything in it looks like it should but when ran in the actual environment outside of the Designer, it keeps its size I gave it but everything jumps to the scale as if I maximized it. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Caleb

Is the window set to “Start Maximized?” I’m not sure I understand - maybe a screenshot would help.

Out of curiosity, there is a known issue with the “Tools > Advanced > Reserialize Windows” function - did you do that by any chance?

The “Start Maximized” option is not selected. My window starts out the correct size it’s just the text everything inside the window is scaled to the size of when it would be maximized. The first picture is how the window looks when I am designing it. The second picture is the “sub window” before the training admin window. The third is what I am seeing when I am in the software. It be the same size as the second picture. But obviously the font is much bigger and tables and such are scaled to the maximized size. Let me know that you think. I also didn’t mess with the serialization of the windows, unless there is a keyboard shortcut that I accidentally pressed? Thanks!

  • Caleb

** The pictures are in backwards order I think. But I named them 1,2, and 3 and that correlates with what I stated earlier.

It looks to me like you’re just swapping to the training window from the sub window, instead of opening. Swapping windows makes the window you’re opening the exact same size as the window you started from, which is what it looks like is happening.

Well you would be correct! It works now! Thanks! But this leads me to a new question along the same lines. Can I write a script or is there a setting that will let me close the window I am opening from when the “Admin” button is pushed, open up my admin window, and then when I push my “Close” button or exit the window it will take me back to the sub window?

Actually, all I would need to do is open a new window on the actionperformed choice and then just write a a script that will close the current open window. I think that will work but am unsure?

  • Caleb

Ha, I should have just tried some things before I bothered you with that last question. I just used fpmi.gui.closeWindow(‘Training Admin’). Should have done that in the first place. Thanks for your help!

No problem, glad its working.