Layout problems

hi everyone,

I have a problem in the layout that I would like you to help me to solve.

i am trying to make a layout with resolution 1920x1080. but i have a problem of spaces that i have not been able to remove. any suggestions?

I attach an image of the problem


Hi Miguel. Welcome to the forum!

Is this in Vision or in Perspective? The screenshot suggests Vision to me, but it’s good to verify. :wink:

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Also, you can just paste a screenshot in the clipboard directly into the forum. IA didn’t go for a decrepit 1980s forum like most other scada companies :wink:

I’ll post here for longevity


yes is as seen in the vision…

I was able to solve it by unchecking the Main Aspect Ratio Option in the main rectangle.

All the others I have set by checking the Leanding option. :slight_smile:

thank you very much for your response!

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Glad you got it sorted out.

General advice for layouts, in both Vision or Perspective
Don’t ever try to design a screen for an exact resolution. That way lies madness.

Instead, pick a reasonable resolution at the same aspect ratio, and design your window there. Vision is pretty good at scaling things up, but absolutely terrible at scaling things down. Perspective has a lot more options for layout (often, coordinate containers are the wrong choice, especially in absolute mode), but the same general principles hold.

Unless you’re designing the page, in which case absolute is absolutely the only way you’ll keep your sanity :sweat_smile: but you have to remember to change it back to percent when you save it


thanks for the advice, in this case my final resolution is 1920x1080.

I have used the Maintain Aspect Ratio layout, it is perfect and without having to change the resolution to perfection, it adapts perfectly to what I required.

in the image i can demostrate precisely what i did


even better centered :smiley:

If this is a new project, I would strongly suggest that you move the side navigation and the top navigation into docks

Yes, it is new, but by regulations I must follow the template