Layout - Relative 'v' Anchored


I am trying to create a window design with an alarm panel in the top left hand side of the screen, I want the alarm panel to remain in the corner but when I reduce the size of my screen it moves to various different locations on the screen in the relative state but if I have it in the anchored state the size of the images do not scale down with the rest of items in the window.

Is there a way of anchoring the item while also having it reduce in size relative to screen it is being viewed on?

I have attached an screen grab of the window in question with both a relative and an anchored option of my query.


No, you can’t have an anchored top left component that also resizes when the window resizes. In your case you want to use relative layout for all components but make sure the aspect ratio of the window is correct. That way the components will stay in the top left portion of the window. In the designer you can basically remove all white space around components which will help your issue.

Thanks for your reply,

I am not 100% clear on what you mean by aspect ratio, is this the minimum window size that you are talking about, if so how do you apply the aspect ratio to the item within the window so as to have it in a relative form but also keep it fixed to its location within the window. I have done a search in the Help section but can’t seem to find anything on the subject except within the layout subject but it is not very descriptive.

The aspect ratio of a window is the ratio of the width of the window to the height. So let’s say you want to launch the project on a screen size of 1024 x 768. You can make your window size any size as long as the ratio is the same. For example, you can make your window size 512 x 384 and when it is resized to 1024 x 768 the screen will look the same in relative layout mode but the components will be slightly bigger. If you resize the window to a wide screen format like 1440 x 900 you will get extra white space on the left and right hand side of the components since it is much wider than its height.