LDAP Attributes Access

I’ve seen a couple of threads (one that actually asked about the LDAP attribute I’m needing to extract) concerning accessing LDAP User Data. I’m wondering if any more capabilities have been added to the system.user.getUser function in later version to allow for extracting other data. The attribute I need to extract from the Active Directory User is the employee-ID attribute.

In the PyUser Class I see a lot of methods but nothing that screams “I can get the employee-ID data for you!”

Can this attribute’s data be gotten from this standard function?
If not, what is the suggested Python Library to import and use for this?
The Ignition version being used is 8.0.16.


I’m looking to grab a couple of attributes as well. Mine include the objectGUID and some custom entries. Replying here to ping this request.

This isn’t possible using Ignition’s built-in user source handling. Only the specific attributes listed in the user source’s properties will be attached to the created users.

You could theoretically come up with something via gateway scripting; the best entrypoint would probably be the LDAPHelper class. You’ll have to script the entire search process yourself, and doing so using the internal class would be officially unsupported.

If you don’t want to go down that road, I’d suggest an ideas post suggesting the ability to bring in arbitrary user properties via LDAP; we could theoretically expose some kind of configuration UI on the user sources to allow that.

Thanks for the reply. This was the road I was going down, but I thought I’d look before digging too deeply.
This has been on the Ideas list since 2015. Allow custom attributes to be pulled from the AD user source | Voters | Inductive Automation

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Ouch. I went ahead and filed an internal ticket from the ideas post; basically all that means is that it’ll get in front of the people who decide whether to implement a feature or not - so no promises, but this does seem like a reasonable thing to ask for.