LDAP Name Confusion

I’ve successfully connected to our LDAP server. However, all of my user’s first and last names are incorrect. It appears that the internal mapping is splitting the LDAP Display Name on the last space in the name, rather than utilizing the First Name and Last Name fields. Is there any option to rectify this?

For example, my Display Name is set as “Schultz, Tim”
In the user source:
First Name-> ‘Schultz,’
Last Name-> ‘Tim’

Here are my LDAP properties for reference:

Unfortunately, there’s no ability to configure the splitting operation directly. You could try adjusting the ‘User Name Attribute’ property - if there’s a different property on the user objects you could use, or, maybe you could create an additional property on the user objects that is in the format we’re expecting?

For what it’s worth: you’re exactly correct about the logic that assigns first and last name. We deliberately only retrieve the user name attribute, then split it - I would assume, for the greatest possible compatibility.

If you aren’t able to make changes to your LDAP configuration, then this would have to be a feature request on ideas.inductiveautomation.com.

Thanks for the response. I’ll talk with our LDAP administrators and see what the options are. I’ll add it to ideas as a request anyway, as I think some additional flexibility would be nice in the LDAP configuration.

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