Leap Second Issue?

Did anyone else have a problem with this?


I have a gateway (7.5) running Ubuntu 11.10 that lost connection with a PLC at 8:10pm Saturday, June 30. When I came in this morning all of the statuses were OK except the tags did not have good data. Had to re-start the gateway to get it going. Re-starting Ignition from the GCU did not work. The timing seems too coincidental…

I would say no, they are not related. The 1 second started at midnight GMT and with you being UTC-6 hours I would think that it is just coincidental. One way to know for sure is to look at your logs and see if there are any answers there.

Well, it appears that I had “Install Important Security Updates” checked, and from what I can tell, the gateway rebooted itself at 7:51p and 10:44p CDT on Jun 30. When the gateway came back up after the second reboot something in Ignition wasn’t happy.

Bad timing, but at least it let me know I needed to disable unattended updates… :blush: