Learn name/path of property in binding script

We have a bunch of properties in a Perspective view which all have bindings that run a nearly identical script. Properties look like this in Designer:

Screenshot from 2023-02-20 13-45-32

All of those bindings have a script in them that just calls the same function with one changed parameter that gives the name of the property it is bound to. So, the binding on AlarmEnabled calls


while the one on AlarmMode calls


Is there any way that the binding transform script could find the full or partial property path for the property it is attached to? It's a simple thing, but could save me a lot of time copy-paste-editing bindings. Same with onChange scripts as well: there's no way to find the name of the property that is attached to, and I have to do similar copy-paste-edit work often.

What if you do a binding on the parent of the object and loop through its keys ?
call your doFoo script with the key name as the parameter and return the value in the key's value.


This is what an expression structure binding is for--supply multiple properties at once.