Leased Licensed K8 without internet access

The nature of our setup we are using leased licenses and our pods will not be allowed to have internet access.

Is there a method to use leased licenses without internet access?

No, they require internet access for the periodic check in.

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What is the url or location that one would need to allow for leased license?

I found this URL
What is opening is required and is there a mirror incase primary site goes down?

That's the URL. No mirror. I think redundancy is handled by some setup on AWS but I don't know the details.

Do we know what protocol or ports as I am not allowed to do a blanket open.

It's an HTTPS request on the standard HTTPS port, 443.

Thank you.

@kcollins1 I show you licensing endpoint is IPV4- Our network is IPV6 and we are forbidden to connect to IPV4 endpoints. Do you have an IPV6 endpoint for licensing?

I believe it is only IPv4 at the moment.

Taking a look at your endpoint in AWS it looks like the Gateway Load Balancer now support IPV6 traffic but would need to be enable by your cloud team. AWS Gateway Load Balancer and Gateway Load Balancer endpoint now support IPv6 traffic

Looks like you are using the execute-api endpoint Pinging []

Let me know what you can find out. Thanks