Leased mode tag group


I want to use mode Leased in Tag group to show and saving data from the tag when I want to increase the speed.
I do not understand if this solution work only with OPC tag or with all type of it.
Because if I create one memory tag and I try to use a tag group setting in Leased where I have Rate=20000 and Leased/Driven Rate= 2000 mode, I do not see the difference.
I can see the value in continuous as if it were sampled every second and by Timestamp property I do not see delay in 2s or 20s but is always the same.

Can you help me to understand?

Leased mode only applies to OPC tags. As does Driven mode. If you don't want a memory tag to be updated too often, don't write to it too often.

Yes, you are right.
I would like to use e reference tag to read and store the data in a different way from the original tag but now I understand that is better find a different solution.

Thank you so much